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Thank you, Keith and Carolyn Maupin

Keith and Carolyn reading one of the thousands of letters they have received from around the country


This is not a comment on the war.  You have to decide that for yourselves.  This is a thank you to two parents who shared their lives and that of their beloved son with the country and the world.

Keith and Carolyn Maupin’s story is one of dignity, class, and courage, in the face of what has to be a parent’s worst nightmare.

I can’t imagine living through what they had to endure for the past four years, wondering, not knowing for sure, waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that it wasn’t/isn’t all a bad dream.

I hope I never have to face the tragedy that the Maupin’s have.  I want to believe that when tragedy does come  into my life (it will for all of us, different times and in different ways) that I will remember Keith and Carolyn Maupin, and take strength from their example.

In our society today, it feels like there isn’t anything people won’t stoup to, in-order to get their 15 minutes of…infamy.  They will degrade themselves, the memories of their loved ones, do whatever they have to, to make it into that “spotlight”.

Thank you Keith and Carolyn, for showing us that there still is dignity in America.




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